Planning a Home Remodeling Project in New Orleans: What Design Elements to Consider

Planning a home remodeling project in New Orleans? Learn what design elements you should consider when planning a renovation.

Planning a Home Remodeling Project in New Orleans: What Design Elements to Consider

Planning a home remodeling project in New Orleans can be an exciting and rewarding experience. But it can also be overwhelming, especially if you don't know what design elements to consider. Fortunately, we have some tips to help you plan and organize your renovation. The scope of your project will largely depend on your plan.

You may need to rebuild extensively or just frame a few new walls. This step includes all the elements “behind the scenes” and is usually performed simultaneously with the reconstruction and framing. It could include some minor plumbing and electrical adjustments, or it could be a complete rewiring or reinstallation of your home's plumbing. Once everything has been reformulated and rebuilt, all the mechanical components will be where they should be and the insulation is in place, the drywall can be lifted. It will need to be glued together with adhesive tape and mud, then the mud will have to be dried and sanded.

Once the walls are smooth, they are ready for priming, painting, or other finishes. Many contractors like to paint at this point to avoid dripping or over-spraying on the final finishes. Everything that needs to be “fixed” in your space will be installed right now. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets and accessories will start coming in and you'll really start to see that your space is coming together at this stage. At this stage, refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers and any other mechanical appliances and appliances are installed.

Your home is likely to be fully functional right now, although some final elements are missing. When planning a remodeling project, one of the first things to consider is how you want the final design to look. The interior aesthetic is wide and varied, ranging from sober minimalism to eclectic maximalism, so your possibilities are endless. However, too many possibilities can be a little overwhelming, even for the most experienced in design. Experts In Your Home has been serving the construction, remodeling and maintenance needs of the northern state since 1948. Many home remodeling projects offer significant return on investment (ROI), but their potential return largely depends on your neighborhood and the type of remodeling project you complete. Speaking of budgets, they are a fundamental component of any home remodeling project, since they dictate what is possible and what is not. Work with someone who knows the market and understands the details of supervising the steps of a complete remodeling of a house in your city or town.

More than 70 percent of buyers who bought existing homes knew what they were going to remodel even before closing the deal, according to the HanleyWood Housing Continuity Study, conducted in 2002 in collaboration with the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard. Finally, work with a reputable builder who wants to make sure that all your home remodeling really delivers the home of your dreams to you. Another option to get inspired by design creativity is to tour the newly-built model homes in your area and pay close attention to the design elements. So what are the general whole-house remodeling steps you should follow? And what kinds of things should be on your home remodeling checklist? Here are our best tips to help you plan and organize your renovation:

  • Scope: Determine how extensive your project needs to be.
  • Mechanical Components: Make sure all mechanical components are where they should be.
  • Design: Decide on an interior aesthetic that suits your taste.
  • Budget: Set a budget that works for you.
  • Contractor: Work with someone who understands the disruption that a complete remodel causes.
  • Inspiration: Tour model homes for design inspiration.
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