Which Home Remodeling Projects Offer the Highest Returns on Investment?

Find out which home remodeling projects offer highest returns on investment (ROI) nationwide according to report from National Association of Remodeling Industry.

Which Home Remodeling Projects Offer the Highest Returns on Investment?

Replacing vinyl siding with stone siding, even in one part of the house, such as the entryway, can greatly improve the exterior and, consequently, the curb appeal of a home. The average cost estimate takes into account 36 linear feet of thresholds, 40 linear feet of corners and a steering block, and materials that include two waterproof barrier layers and corrosion-resistant slats and fasteners. This project also recovers almost all of its cost (just over 91 percent). When it comes to renovating, incorporating stylish surfaces to create a gleaming space that makes cleaning easy is key.

According to the same report from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, real estate agents estimate that homeowners can recover up to 57% of the cost of renovating a bathroom if they sell their home. Your home's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) are the components that keep everything running. These are some of the most important items to maintain. In addition, real estate agents estimate that homeowners can recover 85% of the cost of an HVAC replacement if they sell their home.

Bathroom and kitchen renovations are the most popular home improvement projects. You can expect to recover 75% of your investment (according to the Evaluation Institute of Canada). Replacing an outdated vanity, old plumbing and lighting fixtures, or adding a new tile floor will guarantee great profitability and give your bathroom a modern and updated look. The remodel recommends sticking with a 16-foot x 20-foot wooden deck, although the correct size for your home will depend on the size of your house and garden.

You'll also want to add a railing system to increase function and stability. Every year, the magazine Remodeling analyzes the costs of major remodeling projects with the value that those projects retain when they are resold. The most valuable home improvements in a minor kitchen remodel include modernizing cabinets and countertops, upgrading new appliances, upgrading the sink and faucet, and updating the floor. So which renovations offer the biggest impact on the value of a home? The real estate experts at Six Better Homes & Gardens evaluate which projects are really worth undertaking.

An exclusive bathroom remodel will only get you a 56.2 percent return, and a new addition to a bathroom only 54.6 percent. To finance home improvements, consider taking out a loan to remodel or repair a home, which are unsecured personal loans that you can get through a bank, credit union, or online lender. A minor kitchen remodel will recover about 81 percent of its cost in average resale value, while a major remodel of an exclusive kitchen will recover only about 53.5 percent of its cost. A minor remodel, as defined in the report, is based on a 200-square-foot kitchen with 30 linear feet of countertops and cabinets, where it could replace appliances with new, more energy efficient models; repave the cabinets with shaker-type panels; install new countertops or a sink; replace the accessories; add new floors and repaint the walls.

Some of the best home improvements think that a renovated kitchen, a new terrace, or a remodeled bathroom can be expensive. Another of the most valued home improvements in terms of bathroom remodels is converting your standard bathroom into one with universal access. This curb appeal enhancer could cause you to recover almost all (93.3 percent) of what you spent on it when you sell your home, one of the few home remodeling projects that does. These are six home remodeling projects that offer the highest returns on investment (ROI) nationwide according to the report.

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